< Venture Capital in the Rockies Winter Conference Kicks off in Beaver Creek
by VCIR on February 21, 2014

Venture Capital in the Rockies Winter Conference Kicks off in Beaver Creek

The Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association and KPMG LLP are pleased to introduce 20 early stage and growth companies at the 31st Annual Venture Capital in the Rockies Winter conference (VCIR Winter 2014). From cloud-based services to innovative applications, this year’s conference will showcase the most impressive growth companies in the Rocky Mountain region.

As one of the largest and longest-running capital conferences, VCIR Winter 2014 conference will be held at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek, Colo, Feb. 24-26, 2014, featuring companies from Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

“The VCIR Winter conference is designed to profile some of our regions’ most promising early stage and emerging growth companies,” said Ryan Pollock, the conference chair and Managing Director at Iron Gate Capital. “This event offers a truly unique network opportunity, and we expect our usual strong attendance of over 200 guests from in-region and out-of-region.”

Creator, executive producer and host of ESPN’s Sport Science, John Brenkus, will present this year’s keynote address. John has helped build BASE Productions, which allow audiences to experience and appreciate the science behind the most extreme events. He plays an integral part in the production of each BASE show, including his role as host of ESPN's "Sport Science." Sport Science uncovers sports' biggest myths and mysteries by utilizing cutting-edge technology to measure momentum, friction and the laws of gravity.

“During the last 10 years, companies that have presented at VCIR Winter have collectively generated nearly $5 billion in exit value for their stakeholders through either M&A transactions or public offerings,” said Brian Wallace, managing director at Access Venture partners and chair of the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association which sponsors VCIR.

“Special recognition goes out to our Selection Committee, which had the unenviable task of selecting the outstanding group of presenting companies for this year’s conference from the strong pool of qualified companies that applied to present,” he continued. “We look forward to watching many of these companies raise capital and take the next steps towards building more great technology companies in the Rocky Mountain region.”

The 20 presenting companies include:

  • Conspire analyzes email data and gives users detailed analytics on their email network – allowing users to understand the strength of connections between people. With this understanding, Conspire maintains an always-up-to-date, weighted network of connections without any work on the part of users. When a user needs to reach a person or company, Conspire finds the strongest path of connections in the user's extended network.

  • Delivery IT, Inc. is a multi-vendor management platform used for immediate access to a variety of different service providers including delivery companies, installation companies and couriers. Delivery IT’s platform is integrated into the customers Point-of-Sale as a button employees press to gain immediate vendors quotes and schedules; these prices are automatically marked up when feasible. Furthermore, Delivery IT has worked to provide brick-and-mortar retailers the ability to beat the online retailers at the delivery game: Same-day deliveries; Scheduled deliveries; In-home installation and set-up; BOSS capabilities BOSIS capabilities.

  • Door-to-Door Organics partners with organic producers and local family farms to bring fresh, organic produce and natural groceries right to your doorstep. Door-to-Door Organics believes in Good Food - food that is good for your health, your community and the environment. Donating food to those in need, Door-to-Door Organics supports green initiatives and animal welfare, and uses technology to make Good Food convenient, fun, and delicious.

  • GeoPalz Did you know that kids are supposed to get 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day but only about 10 percent of kids are getting that much? According to the CDC kids are spending on average six hours a day on screen time. ibitz by GeoPalz can help monitor that screen time and motivate kids to be more active and reward them for that activity. Our rewards platform app syncs to our ibitz Kid Wireless Pedometer designed specifically to motivate and reward kids with the activities they are already enjoying

  • Global Weather Corporation (GWC) is an information company with proprietary technology that produces real-time precision weather forecasts for businesses to improve their decision-making, increases operational efficiency, and serves their business and consumer customers. GWC’s forecasts are tuned on-demand to any specific location or geography in the world and delivered through a scalable transaction-based web services model.

  • Grid Craft is a cloud-based software solution that empowers business users with on-demand access to “live data,” enterprise-class Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and robust collaboration functionality – all within a familiar spreadsheet interface. Users can also create and edit sheets and living dashboards on their tablet or smartphone anywhere, any time.

  • HzO Inside has solved the problem that electronics have with any combination of liquid with the powerful nanotechnology coating solutions that inoculate electronic components and devices from damage and failure. Rather than keep water away from the sensitive components of a device, HzO’s advanced conformal coating allows for full liquid ingress, protecting electronics not just from accidental drips and splashes, but also against full submersion. HzO’s coating solution creates a pinhole free barrier that is applied directly to the circuitry, making electronics resistant to corrosion and damage caused by liquids and humidity, as well as providing a barrier that protects against dust, debris and other particle contaminants.

  • Kapta features dashboard software that provides executives with a cloud-based system to clearly communicate company goals, track every employee’s expected contribution, and review overall status. It’s the only executive dashboard that prevents surprises – because let’s face it: when you find out something hasn’t been done, it’s already too late.

  • Kindara is a company devoted to giving women the knowledge, support and proper tools to understand how their fertility works and meet their fertility goals. Kindara's commitment is that every woman feels supported in navigating her fertility and reproductive health. Founded by a designer and an engineer, Kindara is devoted to designing products that delight women and improve their lives.

  • Madwire Media is a full-service, full throttle, full of life creative marketing & design agency focused on driving conversions because that’s the only thing that matters. Madwire loves inbound marketing, great design, growing brands and building long-term partnerships with clients.

  • Moki features passionate and knowledgeable experts in mobile, Web, SaaS, cloud and mobile security who are dead-set on helping you achieve success in the App Era. With Moki Tracker, we’re breaking new grounds in mobile app security analytics. Your mobile app is critical to business success and with Moki, you can keep tabs on security, support and operational performance.

  • Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace, focuses on helping IT channel partners to capitalize on cloud services and transition to a model that allows them to bundle their professional services and expertise with recurring revenue generated from reselling cloud services.

  • Revolv unifies your smart home on your smartphone and table by building solutions that deliver the simplest and most affordable smart home experience using premium, off-the-shelf wireless consumer electronics. Revolv’s cloud-based software easily connects with all of the specialized third-party wireless products being developed for the next generation home, such as lights, locks, sensors, thermostats and streaming entertainment systems.

  • RxREVU helps patients and payers lower drugs costs with our innovative medication cost/quality optimization dataset. Their cost-reduction strategies include therapeutic alternatives, splitting combination drugs, dividing high doses, generic substitutions, pill splitting, over the counter, quantity discounts and more. RxREVU medication savings dataset is available to healthcare applications such as transparency portals, insurance companies and consumer mobile applications.

  • Stoneside LLC brings the showroom to the customer. Until recently, customers had to choose between an expensive and lengthy traditional solution and a less expensive, less customized, do-it-yourself approach through an Internet store. Stoneside provides the best of both - a quick, inexpensive window covering solution utilizing in-home designers and installers to provide designer-quality custom window coverings direct from the manufacturer through the Internet.

  • Telespine is a web-based telehealth service delivering customized care and communication plans via a secure employee portal, and is staffed by certified coaches who are experts in LBP and telehealth. Employees are provided with personalized video-based exercise and education protocols, secure email communication, reminders and encouragement, goal tracking, participation monitoring, and standardized outcome measures to track clinical progress during a 60-day period.

  • TopFan is an innovative, custom-developed mobile marketing solution for brands that offers mobile optimize with all your content in one place; integration all your social networks, videos, music and news; allows brands to sell and distribute content, merchandise, memorabilia, tickets, music and keep all the revenue; content can be updated anytime and is instantly available.

  • TrackVia is an online application platform that gives you the ability to rapidly build your own business applications with zero programming and at a fraction of the cost of generic software. This application platform leverages responsive design tailored to exactly how the business wants it, and is automatically optimized for use on a wide variety of devices. Additionally, any changes or tweaks to a TrackVia application, are easy to make and can be done anytime.

  • Ubooly plush is an orange bear that appears to missing its face. Accompanied by a free downloadable app, insert an iOS device into the plush upside-down to add a face. From there, a child can interact with the Ubooly ranging from playing various games to telling jokes to simple stories.

  • Whimseybox believes that everyone can make something beautiful. (Yes, even you Ms. I’m Not Creative!) And we know firsthand how awesome the experience of making something yourself can be, but too often the hassle of gathering materials and following confusing instructions derails even experienced DIYers. Whimseybox brings the best-designed projects and top-notch materials from the bloggers and brands you love directly to your doorstop every month. Follow the instructions precisely or give the project your own spin – it’s up to you!

About VCIR

Venture Capital in the Rockies (VCIR) is the region’s oldest and best-attended venture capital conference and will hold its 31st annual VCIR Winter edition in Beaver Creek, CO in 2014. Along with the annual VCIR Fall conference, the two VCIR conferences encompass the premier venture investing conferences in the Rocky Mountain region and among the most respected venture conferences in the country. Creating a dynamic marketplace for ideas and investment, each year both editions of VCIR invite 35 to 40 companies seeking investment to present to panels of venture investors, as well as an audience of other entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals servicing the venture community. More information can be found at www.vcirwinter.com or www.vcirfall.com.